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Windarra Estate in Bunya Gains Recognition at UDIA Awards

29 Oct 2010 Everton Park 0 Comment

You may not remember, but in one of my blogs some time ago I mentioned a fantastic new development called the Windarra Estate at Bunya,which the Keith Brady Real Estate office has been very fortunate to represent.
For more than five years now our team has worked very close with the developer of Windarra Estate, Mark Bowden Developments, to help create an amazingly beautiful and environmentally responsible community only 14kms away from the heart of Brisbane City.
Being involved in this brilliant development has been a great experience, and so you can imagine how thrilled the Keith Brady Real Estate team were when last week the Windarra Estate was awarded for its Excellence in Small Residential Subdivision, and for Excellence in Environmentally Sustainable Development at the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s (UDIA) Queensland Excellence Awards ceremony.
Speaking about the awards, Mark Bowden had this to say, “Together with planning and urban design consultants THG and environmental consultants Orogen we were able to preserve and strengthen one of Windarra’s most important assets – its unique landscape and environment.
“It’s not often that a development can deliver substantial gains of around 30% of both ‘of concern’ and ‘remnant’ vegetation. Through reducing the need for clearing and undertaking considerable regeneration, our team has created a community where vegetation can thrive and expand.
“The installation of two $1M bebo arch bridges in preference to culverts throughout the property in order to avoid disruption of the natural flow of the waterways and maintain connectivity for native fauna further demonstrated our commitment to environmental best practice.
“Windarra is a prime example of how developers can take on board environmental concerns and encourage the growth of environmental benefits within developments not only at the outset but over time.
“This meant our team was able to create a community with a variety of lot sizes, some smaller than the traditional minimum of 4,000 sqm.
“The result was a visually interesting development offering a range of price points to the market which in turn contributed to the commercial success of the project, with 90% of the first stage of 58 lots sold in just two months, with significant registrations already for the final Stage 2.
“This innovative planning approach saw us deliver 50% of the project site back to council in the form of community parklands and ensured every lot adjoined or overlooked that parkland, representing a win-win scenario for all stakeholders,” he said.
The Windarra Estate is a truly beautiful development and well worth taking a visit to experience its wondrous environment and breathtaking views.
If anyone is interested in taking a look at the Winderra Estate or would like to find out more about it then please don’t hesitate to visit our websites at www.kbre.com.au and www.windarraliving.com.au or give us a call on 3550 3341. 

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