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Hiring A House Cleaner

12 Apr 2011 Brian Brady 0 Comment

People are sometimes conflicted about whether they should hire a house cleaner for their home, especially when it comes to justifying another household cost.

Hiring a house cleaner may sound like a luxury, but for many families it really is a necessity. For working parents with school aged or young children, it can feel like there’s no end in sight, let alone find quality time to spend with the family, or taking ‘me-time’.
For those people out there wondering about hiring a house cleaner, I would say “give it a go”, especially if you’re run off your feet and you’re not finding a good work-life balance because of the time you spend running after family, working and cleaning the house.
According to serviceseeking.com.au, the average cost of a house cleaner is around $30 per hour. Some cleaners work on flat fees too, so you may be able to negotiate a suitable figure with the cleaner of your choice.
I’m a big believer in having time to spend with the family and loved ones, and if you’re cleaning the house in your ‘free’ time, it might be time to consider some outside help. My advice when you’re getting a cleaner in; don’t worry about cleaning your house for the cleaner (like so many people do), that’s what they’re there for!

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