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From a House to a Unit Part Two: Fitting Everything Into Your New Home

14 May 2011 Everton Park 0 Comment

You may remember last week I wrote a blog about downsizing from a house to a unit – well this week is about how you are going to fit all of your stuff into your new home.
The problem with having a bigger home is that we tend to fill it full of stuff, so if we ever decide to downsize it makes it hard to fit everything into the smaller home. So what can you do about this?
If you have a lot of stuff, then you will most likely have to get rid of some of it, so you can fit comfortably in your new home.
One of the best ways to get rid of your stuff is by selling it or giving it away at garage sales. You might even make a bit of money from your old stuff, which you can use to buy new stuff that fits better in your new home.
Don’t feel that you need to get rid of everything at once though. Depending on how much room you have in your new place, you might even be able to move in before deciding what needs to go. It’s much easier to be able to establish your new needs, after you’ve been living at our new place for a little while.
It might be hard saying goodbye to some of your old things, but one advantage of downsizing is that you’ll (hopefully) be left with only your nicest things and you will have a new home that looks amazing and stylish!
Good luck and come back to my blog next week when I’ll talk about falling in love with your new home.

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