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De-Cluttering Ideas

22 Aug 2011 Everton Park 0 Comment

The trick to de-cluttering your home is to have a plan of attack. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by “things” in your home, then it might be time to do that spring cleaning (even if it isn’t quite spring yet).
To help you plan your de-cluttering assignment, here are some of the stages that you might want to consider to help achieve your goal.
First thing to do is decide which rooms you want to tackle, and what order to do them in. Maybe start with an easier room to get you into the groove. Allocate times when you’re going to tackle the de-cluttering, and give yourself a deadline to be completed by – this is a great motivator!
You’ve got the rooms listed; now you need to sort out the contents of the room. What are you clearing, keeping, moving, storing? Categorise the items into sections – keep, give away, sell, discard.
The trick is not to get distracted with individual items – you can worry about where they go once you’ve categorised and sectioned them out. Remember, you might need to be a bit ruthless if you’re going to achieve your goal of de-cluttering… you can’t keep everything, or you’ll end up back where you started from!
Now you’ve got the items sorted, you can start to clear them out – take all of the give-away items to the charity bin or shop, friend or family member that you’re giving them to; discard the items that are no longer usable; and place the sell items in a place that you can access them for selling online or in a garage sale (this area might need to be a big one if you plan on selling a lot of old belongings from a number of rooms). Pack the items you plan to store, ensuring you have the space to store them. Now you can do a good clean of the room and replace the things that are staying there.
Good luck with your de-cluttering, and remember to stick to your plan… room by room, you’ll feel very satisfied when you’ve reached your goal!

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