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A Positive Message for Everton Park

10 Feb 2012 Brian Brady 0 Comment

Do you think that the Everton Park community could do with a little more positivity?
No matter who you are you probably need a little cheering up sometimes and so it was great to hear about a Brisbane campaign that has been helping put smiles on people’s faces.
Mission Positive started with Claire Allsop from Sunnybank, who started a website that has now got people from around the world posting up photos of themselves holding positive self-affirmations to help make everybody feel a little more positive!
Some of the Mission Positive messages include, “I love my life", "I'm on top of work" and "Life's awesome, especially Monday mornings".
Ms Allsop will be spreading the positive message even further when she will be joining volunteers on Valentines Day and handing out long-stemmed artificial roses in Brisbane to put a little joy in a few people’s days.
There will also be an official Mission Positive Day on February 17 and it’s hoped that it will become an annual event to remind people to look at the bright side of life.
So next week, why not cheer up your workplace or your home in Everton Park, by being extra positive and by making someone else feel a little better about their day?
You can spread the positive message on Facebook too by visiting www.facebook.com/missionpositive

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