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How Much Does It Really Cost To Live In Everton Park?

13 Aug 2012 Everton Park 0 Comment

Do you think that the area you live has an impact on the amount of money you spend week to week? Could living in Everton Park be costing you or making you money?

No matter where you live, your cost of living will be affected in some way or another. Some areas pay more for transport to get to local amenities, or their local grocery stores may charge higher prices than ones found elsewhere.

Most people aren’t aware of the costs associated with living in certain areas, but that is about to change because the Council of Mayors (SEQ) has recently launched a website that helps to calculate the costs of living in individual suburbs.

The website uses Australian Bureau of Statistics data to calculate and compare items such as transport to and from work, schools, shops, services, and other facilities.

When all of the items are calculated together they create a SEQ Affordability Calculator Index score that users can use to get a quick idea of the costs associated with living in a suburb.

Everton Park scored a value of 100.1 on the SEQ Affordability Calculator Index, which is an average result meaning that costs here are comparable to the average for South East Queensland.

On the website it is specified that “a score higher than 100 indicates higher than average real housing costs and a score below 100 indicates a lower than average real housing cost”.

The results can vary depending on exactly where you live and where you work, which can all be specified on the website to change the index score.

The new website is likely to be a great tool for South East Queensland residents and for homebuyers in particular who will be able to use it to help them make informed choices about where they choose to live.

If you’re interested in reading the information on the website and finding out whether your cost of living is above average, then head to myhomemysuburb.com.au.

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