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Are You Storm Ready?

23 Nov 2012 Everton Park 0 Comment

With storm season now upon us, the State Emergency Services have asked all real estate owners and renters in and around Everton Park to be prepared!  There are a few simple steps you can take, as an Everton Park resident, to make sure you and your home are ready for any serious bouts of wild weather.


  1. Make sure your house is adequately insured.  If you’re in doubt as to exactly what you’re covered for, double check!
  2. Check your roof and repair any cracks or damaged tiles.
  3. Clean out gutters and downpipes.
  4. Secure any loose objects outside that could potentially be tossed around to cause damage in violent winds.
  5. Create an emergency plan including emergency contact numbers, escape routes and caring for your pets.
  6. Create an emergency kit containing all the things you may need if your essential services, power and water supply remain cut off for several days.  This may include a radio and torch with spare batteries, a charged mobile phone with car charger, first aid kit, medications and toiletries, a 3 day supply of sealed water bottles and canned food, and a 3 day supply of pet food.


For more information and preparation checklists please visit the Brisbane City Council – Disaster Preparation Page.  By giving your home a general tidy up, checking your insurance policy and gathering a few items together in preparation, you will be going a long way to avoiding potential danger and future headaches.

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