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Marketing Your Home – When A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

7 Nov 2012 Everton Park 0 Comment

Whether you’re selling your slice of Everton Park real estate, or thinking of renting it out, you’ll need to set aside money to advertise.  The number of buyers or renters interested in your home will largely depend on its marketing, and in today’s digital age, much of this must be spent in your home’s online presentation.  While your real estate agent may write a beautifully emotive description of your home, buyers and renters are unlikely to be moved to read any of it if the accompanying photos are not up to scratch.


As potential Everton Park real estate buyers and renters scroll through pages of thumbnails in search of their new home, naturally you’ll hope they stop at yours!  So how can you make it happen?


If you’ve managed to put aside a reasonable amount of money to advertise your home, professional photography can be a fantastic use of marketing dollars.  They use lenses that enable them to capture whole areas (even relatively small spaces will look open and spacious), they’ll optimise all available lighting, and most will help stage your home specifically to appear at its best in all photographs.  Clearly their services are a great investment when trying to make your home appear as appealing as possible.


However, If you don’t have access to a professional real estate photographer, or can not manage to squeeze the cost into your marketing budget, there are still a few things you can do to help make the most of what you’ve got.


Common photo faux pas include dim lighting, a dreary or messy background, using the wrong lens to try to capture a small room – yes, we’ve all seen the classic bathroom shot showing half a shower screen and nothing else, or simply not enough pictures to give the buyer a reasonable feel for the house.


When your home is being photographed make sure the exterior is looking tidy.  Have lawns mown, edges trimmed, and rubbish removed.  Try to keep living areas as clean, tidy and uncluttered as possible to help the camera better capture their size and spaciousness.  If you have an adjoining outdoor area, open the house up and take advantage of the indoor-outdoor living in your pictures.  Try different angles to find the ones that best display your home’s greatest features.


If you want to go a step further, you can use your staging skills to hint at the fantastic lifestyle your home affords.  Set the places at your dining table, leave a bottle of wine and glasses on your outdoor setting or on a small table by your sun lounge, and enhance the comfort of a room with added cushions and throw rugs.


Whether you’re able to have a professional real estate photographer create a sensational online presence for your home, or you use these tips to help portray your home beautifully on camera, you will be helping to give your home a great start to its online campaign.  For more marketing advice, or to arrange a no obligation appraisal of your home for sale or rent, please feel free to contact us at Professionals Keith Brady Real Estate in Everton Park.

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