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Everton Park Residents, Are You Keeping Up With ‘The Block’?

22 Feb 2013 Brian Brady 0 Comment

The Block All StarsIf you’re in the process of renovating your Everton Park home, or have been thinking of buying a new house that will require a little TLC, you’ve probably been taking a great interest in this season’s ‘The Block All Stars’.  Whether you’re a fan of Phil and Amity, Mark and Duncan, Josh and Jenna, or Dan and Dani, you’ve probably enjoyed the first weeks of room reveals, as well as all the stress and antics involved in each couple churning out their best work within limited timeframes and budgets.

Having already seen each couple’s first bedroom, it was interesting to see this week’s bedroom 2 reveals.  There were light, dark, bright and neutral rooms.  And while 3 of the 4 rooms were reasonably ‘safe’ in terms of their appeal to many buyers, interestingly the judges voted for the brightly decorated children’s bedroom design, rather than any of the comparatively safer guest bedrooms.  You can vote for your favourite room here.

This raises an interesting point – when you’re renovating a home, is it better to stay safe and neutral, or aim for eye catching?  Our team at Professionals Keith Brady Real Estate have a fairly simple rule-of-thumb to follow… The bottom line is, it depends on why you’re renovating.

If you’re renovating a house so that your family will be able to enjoy it for the next 20 years, feel free to impart your own tastes and decorate it to fit your family.  On the other hand, if you’re renovating simply to improve your return when you sell, sticking with quality finishes and a neutral colour scheme will generally appeal to more people than a house that limits its appeal to buyers who have exactly the same family setup and tastes as yours.

While the bedroom 2 reveal this week awarded Mark and Duncan’s children’s bedroom as the judges choice because of its creativity and impeccable finish, it remains to been seen whether it was a smart choice for the competition.  All will be revealed on Auction day.

Let us know your thoughts.  Which room was your favourite, and why?

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