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The Speed of Social Networking

15 Dec 2009 Brian Brady 0 Comment

How many Tiger Woods gags have you heard or read in the past week? Isn’t it amazing how jokes regarding celebrity bloopers normally hit your inbox long before the news reporter has even started reading the story live on the television or radio?

Never mind the speed of light – how about the speed of a blog!
Technology whether you love it or hate it, is a pivotal part of modern society and our daily lives and it will continue to grow in necessity and popularity.
My advice (particularly to Gen X and the baby-boomers) is to embrace this new technological era. You don’t even need to be able to understand it to be able to enjoy the benefits of googling or today’s social media networks. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll love how easy it is to regularly stay in touch with those special people in you life or even a mass audience from around the globe.
Sure there are some annoying things on the internet like spam but that comes with the package. Don’t forget that telephones gave rise to the industry of telemarketing. At least with spam, one click of the mouse and it disappears before your eyes!
Like public phone booths and printed photos before them, many of our traditional communication media will slowly fade as the trust in technology and the security of our information grows.
So don’t get left behind! Join me on facebook, twitter, bebo and many other places that I can’t pronounce and learn the modern language of lolz, rt’s, memes, and good old sos – speaking of which – help! – I can’t understand the emails from my 8 year old, but gee it’s a lot of fun!

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