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What did you get for Christmas?

28 Dec 2009 Brian Brady 0 Comment

Santa has packed up his sleigh and harnessed his reindeer and left us for another year.

What did I get for Christmas? Among other things, a headache! I never ask for one but every Christmas I get one, so Santa must be running out of new gift ideas (maybe he should head down to the local Westfield, they had heaps of gifts ideas I would have preferred).
I have survived the virtual minefield that is gift buying for my wife. Is it too much, too little, the wrong size (heaven forbid), wrong colour or the dreaded ‘what are you trying to say’ gift?  Men all over the world cringe at Christmas time.
Being charitable, we’d be happy to just hand over the cash and have the ever beautiful wife purchase her own gift. But then you have the “you never surprise me” problem. Do I need to go any further?
Seriously though, so much advertising and pressure is placed on us at Christmas to find the perfect gift for everyone but they are generally also the most expensive as well.
My most treasured gifts have been those that are free from the Christmas hype. Artwork from the kids, a quiet meal with my beautiful wife (who now has an absolutely huge sparkling ring – hope it’s cubic zirconia!) and just those moments captured when we’re with the ones we love.
With the big day now past, I hope you experienced at least one moment that will always bring a smile to your face for years to come. We certainly did and plan on building an enviable album of memorable moments for our children.
Now relax while you can – ‘cause here comes New Years, thank goodness I don’t have to buy presents for that!

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