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Australia Day and Back to School for Everton Park

25 Jan 2010 Brian Brady 0 Comment

As a proud Australian, the 26th of January is a very important day for the Brady’s and indeed our real estate agency at Professionals Everton Park.

Australia is known as the ‘Lucky Country’ and I don’t think you would ever hear an Australian argue that point, our country is as diverse in culture as it is in landscape. Soaring northern temperatures belie the freezing snowy conditions of the south, the lush greens of our rainforests contrast the arid red earth of Uluru and  the literal ‘mixing pot’ of heritage of our residents brings with it a cultural diversity that we should all be proud of.
To be Australian has become much more than our accent, meat pies, holden cars or throwing another shrimp on the barby. As we adopt each others culture and customs, we are creating a rich tapestry for our children and our children’s children to explore.
To be Australian is simply to love this country of ours and the opportunity it affords us. To see each other as equals and to be kind, generous and offer a helping hand to those who have yet to find their ‘luck’ is the Australian way.
Australia Day also marks the end of a long and luxurious holiday for school children everywhere this year, bringing with it the excitement of meeting up with friends and the anticipation of new classes. It also brings with it possibly a few tears from parents whose little ones are heading off to school for the first time.
These remarkable youngsters are the future of our great country. They are fortunate to have the advancement of technology bring directly to them worldly information so that they may stay informed and communicate easily.
They have many different concerns for the future than we did when we were younger and they will have many different views on how to solve the problems of modern society – but I know they will do a great job.
I hope everyone here in Everton Park and around the country enjoys Australia Day and celebrates our unique nation in their own special way.
For all the kids heading to school and university the next day I wish you the best of luck in your achievements and I hope you have a great time along the way.

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Australia Day Back to School Everton Park

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