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Saving a little could cost you a lot!

22 Feb 2010 Brian Brady 0 Comment

Warning – the following story may be offensive to some people.

A friend of mine (who is a real estate agent) recently purchased a regional acreage lifestyle property.
Upon inspection the selling agent firmly impressed on my friend that “all offers will be considered”, giving the distinct impression that it was less about the seller being desperate to leave and more about the agent being desperate to get the property off his books.

After due diligence, my friend made an offer of $740,000, and had a ceiling price of $800,000. But what happened next I hear you ask?
Well a Professionals Everton Park real estate agent would have already qualified my friend as to their financial situation, budget and intentions, and ultimately negotiated the sale for $800,000. However this agent was receiving a reduced commission so therefore the incentive for him to take the time to get the ‘best deal’ rather than just ‘do the deal’ was minimal.

The great news is that my friend now has a property that was an absolute bargain! But the bad news is the seller missed out on an additional $60,000 for the sake of saving a few thousand dollars on commission.

Today’s real estate agents are constantly confronted with requests to ‘discount their commission’ but sellers need to ask themselves, what is the cost to them? Do you really want to be represented by someone who is willing to ‘downgrade’ their professionalism and expertise?

Every tool utilised by good real estate agents comes at a cost and the majority of these are provided free of charge for their sellers. The commission is their reward for the planning, preparation, knowledge and time they commit to the properties they represent.

The expertise of a confident, experienced negotiating agent can not be regarded highly enough and their drive to get ‘the best result’ for their clients rather than ‘a result’ is largely due to the incentive of the few extra dollars they get for earning a lot of extra dollars for their sellers.

Our Professionals Everton Park real estate agents are experts at getting great results and are able to prescribe individual methods to suit each property and the owners – give them a call and have a chat about how they can help you too…

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