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Can Newcomers Still Get into the Property Market?

30 Apr 2010 Brian Brady 0 Comment

The Brisbane and Everton Park real estate markets are doing better than perhaps ever right now, but there is a worry amongst outsiders (probably due to media reports) that house prices are getting too high and that one day soon, first-home buyers will be priced out of the property market.

In reality while housing prices are on the rise with Brisbane’s growing population and our economy doing so well, I don’t think this means that newcomers can’t get into the property market.
Sure first-home buyers might have to try a little harder if house prices don’t soften, but there are always ways to buy a property if that’s what you’re determined to do!
For example you may just need to try a different tactic to get in. Perhaps you will need to buy a smaller home than you had first planned, or buy further away from the city centre. Another option if you are a single person is to share a mortgage with a friend you can trust. There are plenty of options out there if you want to get into the property game; you just need to be creative.
So overall the message of this story is that newcomers can always get into the property market if they want to, whether or not they do though is perhaps a blog post for another day!

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