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Green Waste Recycling Bins Coming to Everton Park

4 May 2010 Brian Brady 0 Comment

A new recycling service will soon be available to Brisbane residents that will allow us to dispose of all of our green waste without it ending up in landfills!

I know that so many people end up throwing their garden clippings and weeds away in their regular bins simply because there is nowhere to put it, unless you have a compost system at your home.
When that happens, it means we have reusable garden waste ending up in landfills when instead we could be re-using it and putting it back into the environment. It’s a rich source of minerals that helps vegetation rejuvenation, and could be put to good use in local parks and gardens.
Luckily Brisbane City Council have come up with a solution and gradually this year they will be introducing green waste recycle bins for Brisbane residents. Everton Park homes unfortunately won’t be getting the new service until later this year, but I think it is a really good initiative and if nothing else is sure to save us space in our regular bins!
If you also think that a green waste recycling bin is a good idea then you can order your bin now an find out more details about them by visiting the Brisbane City Council website.

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