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Don’t Forget Your Senses When Selling a Home

2 Aug 2010 Brian Brady 0 Comment

When people are looking to buy a new home they consider things like the neighbourhood, block size and all of those bits of important information, but did you know that our senses can play a huge role in which property we choose too.
Whether it is seeing, hearing or smelling we all want to keep our senses satisfied when choosing the home of our dreams.
So how can we incorporate this when we set up our homes for sale? Most people concentrate on the visuals, which is obviously very important, but all the other senses can be just as important.
During home inspections try having something baking and ready to taste. Imagine if you walked into a home with fresh muffins on the table, I’m sure you’d never want to leave.
Having fresh flowers around the home can also help by adding a pleasant fragrance and also making the home feel bright and warm.
As for what we hear there isn’t much you can do if you live on a noisy street, but consider having some pleasant music playing in the background, something not too loud and suitable for the theme of the house.
Overall when people come to your home, they want to establish a connection and having a comfortable and inviting environment always helps. So for your next open house don’t forget to satisfy all of the senses.

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