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Should vendors be present at an open home?

29 Sep 2010 Everton Park 0 Comment

I often get asked by vendors whether or not it is suitable to be present at an open home.
Some homeowners prefer to be present at an open home while others prefer to keep away but if you do plan on being present for an open home there are a few things to keep mind.
Firstly you need to be prepared for what potential buyers might have to say about your home. When your home is open for viewing everything is up for scrutiny, from your choice in paint colours, to your pictures on the walls and so you need to have a thick skin.
But then again you might want to hear constructive criticism about your home, as this could help you improve it for selling purposes.
It is also important to consider how a potential buyer may feel about having the homeowner present. Some people may feel less relaxed or may not give the home a thorough inspection because they feel like they are intruding or “in the way”.
On the other hand though there might be some people who prefer to have the buyer there as they can help answer personal questions about the home such as noise levels at night, or what the neighbours are like for instance.
At the end of the day being present at an open home is totally up to the vendor, but be honest with yourself about whether or not you think you can handle hearing criticism about your home, and whether you think you will be helpful to prospective buyers.
If you are unsure about being present at an open home then don’t hesitate to talk about it with your real estate agent.

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