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Planning Your Property Hunt

4 Feb 2011 Everton Park 0 Comment

A lot of people are on the house hunt right now, whether it’s looking for somewhere to buy or rent. So in today’s blog I thought I would give some advice to help those who are short on time and who want to see as many properties as they can.
Make a shortlist – If you’re on the property hunt then you need to start compiling a list of potential properties together. When you make your list write down all of the important features of the property, its address and the time you are supposed to see it.
If you keep every property’s details in one place, it will be easier to easily check off properties when you see them and it will help you if you need to quickly glance at them and decide which you would most like to see if you are running short on time.
Know what you want – While looking through properties, make sure that they have everything you require. Do you need a certain number of bedrooms? Do you need to be close to schools or public transport? If a property doesn’t meet your requirements then cross it off your shortlist.
Walk away if you need to – If you are walking through a home and you know it’s not for you then don’t feel obliged to give it another chance. If you are short on time and have other properties you could be seeing then don’t be afraid to walk away from a property to find something better.
Take time to speak with the real estate agent – Even if you are in a rush to look at properties though; don’t forget to take time to talk to the agent. They can often tell you about newly listed properties or give you an idea of what else is on offer in the area.
Be realistic – It does take some time and patience to find the property that is right for you. If you have looked at what seems like hundreds of homes and still haven’t found the one for you then don’t give up – you’re dream property is still out there!
Good luck on your house hunting search and if you would like information on the property listings in Everton Park and surrounding suburbs then please leave a comment or drop into Professionals Keith Brady Real Estate.

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