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Rental Application Success!

23 Feb 2011 Everton Park 0 Comment

As I mentioned in my blog a couple of weeks ago, the Brisbane rental market is tough right now – causing a lot of frustration for those who are looking for rentals.
But while you may need to apply for multiple rentals until you can successfully secure one, I thought I would give some tips that may suit you in providing a point of difference on your rental application.
Here are a few things that may help you achieve a successful rental application:
  1. Having a strong list of referees and references always helps. So try and find a previous property manager who can vouch for your rental history with proof, i.e. rental ledgers.
  2. If it is possible, try offering rental payments well in advance. This can be attractive to landlords when they’re presented with multiple applications for the same property.
  3. Generally landlords prefer longer term leases as these provide more stability, but check with the property manager to see if the landlord would prefer short term leases of 3 or 6 months.
  4. There are more unfurnished rentals in Brisbane than furnished ones. If you don’t own any of your own furniture then ask if you can borrow some from family or friends, or consider buying some of your own. If you have your own furniture then this will give you a lot more property options.
  5. Pets are great, but they can be a hindrance if you’re looking for a rental property, especially if you’re looking for a unit or townhouse. If a family or friend can look after your pet then this can open up your rental options, otherwise ask early on if pets are allowed at a property, so you’re not disappointed later on.
It is ultimately the property owner who decides on the successful applicant, but when property managers are handed a number of applications they want to ensure that everybody has the best chance possible of getting into the home that they would like. If you’re looking for a rental in Everton Park or surrounding areas than please contact the team at Professionals Keith Brady Real Estate and we’ll do our best to help you find a rental that you can move into as soon as possible!

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