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Keeping Your Power Bills Down

29 Aug 2011 Everton Park 0 Comment

Our power bills seem to be getting higher and higher and if the carbon tax is introduced next year, electricity prices are likely to rise even further.
But part of the reason our electricity bills are going up, isn’t just because of the electricity companies raising prices, it is probably also due to the fact that most people are using more appliances in their homes than they ever have before.
No matter what is causing electricity prices to go up though, we can try and keep our prices down by being a little more vigilant in our homes.
Take advantage of off-peak times – You can save money on your electricity by taking advantage of your energy company’s off-peak periods. During these times you will be charged at a lower rate, so it’s a good time to charge appliances or turn pool cleaners on etc.
Don’t be on stand-by – Your appliances could be using a lot of extra power even though you might think you’ve turned them off. Try and make a habit of turning things off at the wall, because leaving televisions, computers and other appliances on stand-by mode all day could be chewing g up a lot of extra power.
Think about your heating and cooling – Heating and cooling probably accounts for the biggest proportion of most household’s energy costs. So ask yourself how you can keep these costs down – would insulation, better windows or efficient appliances help keep your home at the right temperature for a fraction of the cost?
Think before you buy – Energy efficient products generally cost more to buy, but how much could they end up saving you in the long run? Do your research before you buy new products and try to choose ones that won’t be costly to run.
Being vigilant and trying to save energy wherever you can, can definitely help you cut back on your energy use and keep your energy costs down too.

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