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Measuring the Importance of Queensland’s Libraries

2 Nov 2011 Brian Brady 0 Comment

Are you a member of the local Library? If you are then you may like to take part in a new research initiative from the State Library of Queensland’s (SLQ).
The aim of the SLQ’s study is to find out the role that Queensland libraries play in their local communities.
We live in interesting times where books are no longer our main sources of information. More and more people are turning to the internet to find the answers to their questions and even to read books and magazines; but do libraries still have their part to play too?
Libraries these days do offer internet access and some texts are even available online now. Libraries also host activities and workshops and maybe for some they are about more than just books, but a place to go while they’re out and about.
In whichever way libraries play a part in our communities though, the SLQ wants to find out and so they have created a survey that they would like local library customers to take part in.
The survey should only take about 10 minutes, but by taking part you can help us understand how libraries are used today and what value they have in the local community, so as they can be improved for the future.
You can take the library survey by clicking here.

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