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Staying Cool This Summer

23 Nov 2011 Everton Park 0 Comment

The weather is certainly starting to warm up in Everton Park, and so it’s important that we all try and stay as cool as possible.
It certainly helps to stay in a house or building that is designed for the heat (and if you click here there are tips on keeping your home cool), but there are also things you can do to help keep you cool in the short term.
*Stay hydrated – It’s particularly important to stay hydrated on warmer days as our bodies lose a lot of water trying to keep cool. Try to avoid drinks such as caffeine and alcohol though as they can actually dehydrate you more and will make your body temperature rise too.  
*Keep a cool damp cloth or towel handy – The easiest way to stay cool is to just add water. So place a cool damp cloth or towel behind your neck or on your forehead to help cool down. Icepacks work well too.
*Dress appropriately – Obviously when it’s a warm day you don’t want to be walking around in thick, dark fabrics, so choose clothes that are loose and light, and make sure they are made of materials that can breathe well.
*Stay in the shade – It’s a good idea to avoid staying out in the sun if you can help it. Not only will the sun rays heat you up more, but you’re also risking sunburn (which will warm you up even more), so stay in the shade where you can.
*Don’t use the oven – If you’re at home, it’s best to avoid using the oven, as this will cause the house and you to heat up. Instead of using the oven you could use the microwave more or make meals that don’t require heating.
*Keep lots of icy treats – What you eat will affect your temperature, so keep things like ice blocks or frozen fruit around to have on hot days. Also try and avoid hot foods, except for spicy foods which are actually good for you in the heat as they help activate your body’s cooling system.
There are lots of tricks that people use to try and stay cooler on warm days and these are just a few. Of course if you don’t feel that they work then it can be nice to spend the hottest part of the day in a nice air-conditioned building, but this isn’t always possible.
If you have any more tricks to help Everton Park residents stay cooler this summer then please feel free to share them here.

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