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Volunteering to Help in QLD Emergencies

21 Feb 2012 Brian Brady 0 Comment

It’s hard to sit back and just watch when a natural diaster is happening in the state, and after the recent flooding that has taken place in parts of Queensland, a lot of local residents have been putting their hands up to offer help to those who need it.
It’s not always clear where to go to volunteer though, and often local councils and emergency organisations are inundated with offers of help which can slow down their own efforts to help.
So if you want to be an emergency volunteer, the best thing to do is to register early, so that you can be called on if your help is needed.
Those interested in becoming emergency volunteers in Queensland can head to www.emergencyvolunteering.com.au, where it is possible to register as a volunteer for emergency situations such as floods.
 It makes it much easier for local authorities if volunteers have already registered, so that they can be called on when they are needed and directed to the most suitable place to help.
Another great way to help in times of emergency though, is to help out the people that you already know. Donations are often appreciated by flood victims, as are offers of assistance. Sometimes just being there for emotional support can be a great help too. 
It is amazing to see the generosity and the kindness shown by the local community in times of need, and let’s hope that all of those who have experienced recent flooding are on their way to recovery.

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