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A Reminder to Stay Fire Safe in Everton Park This Winter

24 Jul 2012 Brian Brady 0 Comment

Local fire authorities have been reminding Everton Park residents to make sure that their homes are fire safe, especially at this time of year when home fire risk is high.

A recent report by the insurance group SGIO has found that July is the worst winter month for house fires, and so Everton Park residents should take all preventative measures that they can to make sure that a fire doesn’t break out in their home.

While heaters are generally thought to be the main cause of fires during winter, the SGIO report found that most house fires start in the kitchen.

This is probably because a lot more people are spending time at home during winter, cooking up warming meals, and this is leading to cooking accidents where a fire can break out.

While you’re cooking it’s important to always keep an eye on what is happening, and to never leave a stove unattended.

Appliances can also be the cause of house fires, with microwaves, dishwashers, dryers and reverse-cycle air-conditioners being the most common culprits.

Fires caused by appliances can help to be avoided by making sure they are clean and free of dust (remember to clean the filters of air-conditioners and dryers) and by making sure that power boards aren’t overloaded.

The SGIO report also suggests the following:

There have sadly already been a couple of reported cases of fires in the Brisbane region this winter but by being cautious and educating ourselves about fire risks we can help prevent any more.

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