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What’s In a Name?

31 Jul 2012 Brian Brady 0 Comment

More and more property owners are taking it upon themselves to give their home an official name, but does a name help sell a home or improve its value?

A home with a name can be a great marketing tool, as it helps give a home that little bit of extra character and personality.

When you are selling an older-style home in particular, a name can help add to its sense of history. A name also works well for prestigious homes, as it is a way of making the home more distinguished.

If you are planning to name your home though, be very careful about the name that you choose, because you don’t want to give it a name that buyers won’t like.

In general it is best to give your home a name that somehow relates to the history of the house or the area that it’s in. Do a little bit of research on the area and find out what you can about the origins of the house. You can find ideas to help you name your home at www.nameyourhome.com.au.

Once you have chosen a name all you have to do is have a plaque made with it and place it out the front of your home where it can be seen. To make it official you simply need to tell your local council and the post office and let all your utility providers and friends know that they can now send letters with your home’s name in the address.

A name won’t necessarily help add value to a home, but it will certainly add that point of difference and it can help make a home feel that little more special.

Does you home have a name? If not, what do you think you would name it?


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