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Everton Park Real Estate Tips – 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Areas

14 Dec 2012 Brian Brady 0 Comment

Is your Everton Park house for sale?  If it is, you’ve probably been busily cleaning and tidying, gardening, watching every car that drives past, and continually checking out other houses for sale in Everton Park to see who you’re competing against.  Don’t worry, these are all normal obsessions when you’re trying to achieve a good price for your most valuable asset.  Hopefully you’ve been following our website regularly, and have found our real estate tips helpful when planning the marketing and staging of your home.  If not, feel free to go back and visit our tips for improving your home, staging your home, presenting bedrooms, and impressing with a sparkling clean home.   These guides are designed to give you practical advice and help take some of the stress and guess work out of selling your home.

If you have taken our advice thus far, and started implementing these steps, your house will be starting to look very schmick indeed.  But there are still some areas that have been overlooked, and none more important than your living areas!  If a buyer is going to fall in love with your home, they will need to see themselves enjoying every inch of your living space.  Here’s how to make the most of what you’ve got:

  1. It’s important to find a balance between de-cluttering and ensuring the house looks lived-in.  Clear enough furniture to create easy traffic flow patterns, but make sure the room still appears functional.  When de-cluttering goes too far it can make rooms appear sterile and cold; help buyers establish an emotional connection to your home by retaining its warmth and personality.
  2. Special lighting can be used effectively to draw attention to any exposed beams or cathedral ceilings you may have, providing a ‘wow’ factor.  However, be sure to remove cobwebs and dust first.  Your aim is to dazzle buyers with your house’s most stunning features, not point out all the nooks your feather duster can’t reach.
  3. Sweep, clean and set the fireplace. If you’re opening your home during the colder months, a crackling fire can create a cosy atmosphere that’s hard to resist.  Now might also be a great time for your annual chimney ‘check and clean’.
  4. Try to keep the mantel de-cluttered and resist dozens of personal photos, as an overly busy mantel may distract buyers from other great features in the room.  A single well placed feature may better add to the ambience, without diverting buyers’ attention.
  5. If you’re lucky enough to have an entertainment area or deck, make the most of the extension to your living space by keeping pathways open to accentuate the linkage.  On a nice day, open the doors/windows/bi-folds so that people not only see the outdoor living space, but can walk through and around it.  A fabulous entertainment area can sell a house if buyers see how it will add to their lifestyle.

By following these simple steps, you’ll invite buyers to envisage the sensational lifestyle your slice of Everton Park real estate affords, whether it’s warm winter nights by the fire or a summer BBQ on the deck.  Be sure to make the most of every room and space in your house, and you’ll likely be rewarded with a happy buyer and a cheque for just the right price.

If you’re ready to sell our Everton Park home, or would like some real estate tips or advice, our team at Professionals Keith Brady Real Estate, Everton Park would love to help you.

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