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Why spend on real estate marketing?

22 May 2013 Brian Brady 0 Comment

marketing your homeWhen selling your Everton Park home there are many decisions to make – when’s the best time to sell; do you commit to a new home before selling yours; how much do you list your property for; which agent do you choose; and so on.  Often sellers will rely on the expert opinion of their agent to help decide some key factors, but one thing we find sellers often overlook is the importance of spending significant money on their property’s marketing strategy.

Most sellers tend to believe that a basic marketing package of internet advertising, agent photography, a sign out the front of their home and possibly a few small ads in the local paper is enough.  In all honestly, this strategy does work sufficiently well to sell many Everton Park homes – mainly because this is the package most often agreed to by home sellers.  However, this does not mean that the basic marketing for these homes is allowing them to find maximum possible exposure or reach their highest possible sale price.

We’ve all heard the saying; it takes money to make money!  And so it is for selling Everton Park real estate.

It’s understandable why owners may opt against more costly marketing packages.  There are a number of expenses to think about when planning to move house, and often they’re far more tangible (such as buying new furniture or hiring a removalist) or seemingly far more pressing (such as conveyancing fees) than property marketing.  This certainly sounds reasonable.  But we do wonder if perhaps sellers would be keen to spend a few extra dollars if they were aware of just how this may increase their eventual sale price.

A recent study looked at the advertising money spent on randomly selected auction properties.  Those whose owners spend under $5000 on their property’s marketing campaign received, on average over 5 weeks, 13.3 groups of inspections.  Those who spend in excess of $5000 on their marketing package had an average of 32.2 groups inspecting their homes over the same time period.  Now the results of this study may have been influenced by a number of variables, but it has to be said that they remain fairly convincing.  The equation is simple – the greater your advertising reach, the greater the competition for your property, and the more likely your house price is to be driven up.

Naturally how much you choose to spend on advertising your home will be your decision to make, and it has to suit your budget.  But if you have the means, don’t ignore a great opportunity to maximise your property’s potential market reach.  To discuss the marketing options for your Everton Park property, please contact our team at Professionals Keith Brady Real Estate.  We’ll make sure your campaign is tailored to suit your home, your budget and current Everton Park market conditions.

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