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Beating the winter blues

12 Jun 2013 Brian Brady 0 Comment

sad dogWhile we typically associate grey skies, cold nights and rain with feeling more down in the mouth, science has actually shown that weather doesn’t play a huge part in shaping our day-to-day moods.  Some people are admittedly more prone to weather-influenced moods than others, but while feelings of tiredness and sluggishness can be more noticeable in a colder climate, there’s barely any proven connection between the weather and our chirpiness.

The good news is that most of us (aside from those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder) are able to change our mood as easily as we can pull on a pair of extra woolly socks.  By doing the things that keep your mood up, and taking advantage of the positives, you’re likely to wear a smile for many more months of the year.

Let us know your best tips for beating the winter blues, or help lift our spirits by sharing your favourite thing about winter.

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